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Enterprise and Supplier Development

Our approach to Enterprise and Supplier Development focuses on providing customized interventions for sustainable growth and development through business diagnosis assessments, business skills training, mentorship & coaching, access to markets support among other offerings. 

The Transitioning Entrepreneur

The programme provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the right skills and tools to navigate the process of transitioning to an entrepreneur. The programme also focuses on personal development and entrepreneurial skills development by developing one’s entrepreneurial mind-set and spirit required to run a successful business.

Business Skills Training

Through practical and interactive sessions, we deliver customised outcomes-based training designed to suit the unique needs of the entrepreneurs. The training also takes into account, the level at which the entrepreneurs’ respective business is at. 

ESD Masterclass

The ESD Masterclass is an annual knowledge sharing event which aims to highlight the latest ESD regulatory updates, TTL’s customised ESD programmes and provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their work. The event also aims to bring together corporate organisations to discuss how a formidable enterprise and supplier development landscape in South Africa can be built. 

Business Mentorship and Coaching

Our approach to mentorship focuses on harnessing the potential of the entrepreneur and ensuring that they have the right capabilities to grow their business. Additionally, we aim to address the most critical aspects required to build businesses that have structured and consistent growth.

Female Township Entrepreneurship Summit

To empower, inspire and to cultivate the entrepreneurial knowledge and spirit of female township-based entrepreneurs. The aim is to expose township-based female entrepreneurs to tools that enhance their understanding of leading a business to growth, sustainability and generational wealth.